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A Review of Ego-Type E-cig Batteries

If you've long used small e-cig batteries and are thinking of graduating to the next level, a larger ego-type battery is probably what you should be looking at. Ego batteries are a bit thicker and longer than smaller batteries and last a much longer time. They are also pretty cheap, so you can upgrade your e-cigarette setup to an ego setup without paying that much more than you already are.

Ego batteries are a great choice for beginning to intermediate vapers because they are remarkably simple to use. Instead of using the battery and cartomizer as you may be used to doing, with an ego battery, you will need to use, in most cases, a tank or clearomizer. But most of the tanks and clearomizers on the market today are easy to use and maintain. Usually, you just need to fill the tank with e-juice, then clean the tank and change the atomizer once in a while. That is all there is to it, and in all other respects it will be like using a smaller e-cig, with the one big difference being that the vaporizer will be larger than what you may be used to.

Ego batteries are among the most popular type of e-cigarettes, so you will have plenty of choices when selecting a vaporizer. I would, however, recommend buying from a trusted vendor like Vista Vapors as opposed to getting an unbranded ego battery. Currently, you can get a 900mah ego battery from Vista Vapors for $18.99. This kit also includes a recharger, so it is quite an attractive price.

If you are not budget-minded and want a high-end battery, Volcano Ecigs is one company you should consider. The Volcano Inferno is the model that most closely resembles the ego batteries, and the starter kit for this fine battery is $49.99. However, if you use Volcano Ecigs coupons from E-cigbargains, you can instantly get 12% off the price of the kit.

After you buy this kit or a similar kit, the only other thing you need is plenty of e-juice. One downside of using a tank instead of a cartomizer is that is tends to use up more e-juice. You'll therefore want to stock up on a lot of different flavors and get extra large bottles. There are two stores I prefer for cheap, high-quality, US-made e-juice, and they are Vista Vapors and Mt. Baker Vapor. You won't go wrong using either of these stores.

E-cigarettes on the whole appeal to health conscious people who are trying to move away from traditional smoking. If you fall into this category, you may also be interested in reading our article about supplements, where we talk about how you can find out which supplements you should be taking.