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Behind Eharmony's Success

7 day eharmony free trialYou know a business has been successful when the majority of people you talk to recognize a brand name. This is true for businesses like McDonalds and Coke. In the online dating space, there are two companies that fall into this category, and they are Eharmony and Match.com. Today, I will be delving a bit into why it is that Eharmony has had so much success. As well, I will be providing a link to a free trial offer you can use to sign up for this site.

Eharmony has been around since almost the beginning of when the Internet became widely used. It was started by a psychologist named Neil Clark Warren, who has spent his life studying what makes people compatible. From the beginning, Eharmony distinguished itself from other dating services with its emphasis in finding the love of someone's life. They weren't just trying to hook you up with a date. Instead, they were trying to change your entire life. A lofty goal, no doubt, and at first, some people probably found Eharmony's purported goal to be a bit ludicrous.

Today, nobody questions that Eharmony can provide a road to true love. The thing that has changed peoples' minds is that 1) Online dating has become much more mainstream and widely accepted as a whole, and 2) Studies have shown that Eharmony does in fact produce more marriages than other dating sites (although this claim sometimes seems to be disputed, as evidenced my similar claims made by competing websites). Nevertheless, it seems clear that Eharmony is not just making empty promises, and does deliver results for thousands of people each year.

So how exactly does Eharmony work? First, you can join the site free by using the Eharmony free trial, which you can get at many dating sites. When you do, you are asked to complete an online survey that contains quite a few questions. These questions are designed to get to the core of what your personality is like. Although it can take a long time to complete this test, it is absolutely vital that you take your time and answer each question honestly.

Once you complete the test, Eharmony will provide you with a personality profile that is several paragraphs long. This profile will sum up your profile, and many people are impressed with how well the profile nails their personality. Next, you will be asked to complete your dating profile. This is where you'll have the opportunity to upload pictures, talk about your likes/dislikes, and provide other information about yourself. Finally, you will begin receiving matches almost immediately. You should expect 2-5 matches at first, with a few new ones being added each week. Note that this is all available to users of the free trial offer. It's only when you begin officially communicating with others that you are asked to upgrade.

The matches do drip in as more members join the site, so you will need to be a bit patient. Trust in the system, and you may find that you too will become an Eharmony success story.